Thursday, November 10

To My Friends and Family Who Voted For Trump

I would like to have a face to face conversation about why this bothers me but I can't because most won't have that conversation. I'm not just upset because of the personal hurt this causes me but because of the multiple other minorities this effects. When I told you that I was gay, you said that it didn't matter and you supported me no matter what. I felt so much joy from those words of acceptance. I was shocked because the majority of my family and friends are very conservative and I feared the worse. You proved that love was more important. When you voted for Mitt Romney, who was against my right to marry, I didn't take it as personally as I do with this vote. I was upset that you put the rights you feared would be taken away, which have still not been taken away, over the rights you get to enjoy that I didn't at the time. I took the high road because that's the kind of person I am. This time is different.

I am not taking the high road anymore because that road has led to me being run over multiple times. Your actions have spoke louder than your words. You have shown that to my face, you support me but behind my back, you believe I should go to conversion therapy, have my right to marriage stripped from me, be able to be discriminated against when I shop, be fired for being gay, and should not have federal protection when I get in a fight with some homophobe because they think "being a fag is wrong and I'm going to beat it out of you." 

You have told me over the years that there are multiple other things and you aren't a one issue voter. I'm not a one issue voter. I didn't vote for Trump because I empathize with the people he thinks don't matter. Women, People of Color, Immigrants, Muslims, People with Disabilities, Lesbians, Trans, and Bisexuals, I am not one of these people but I stand with them. I fight for their rights and equality. Being gay has not made me empathize more for these people, being a human has. 

One of the first orders of business in the Trump Presidency is to reverse Marriage Equality. You say "he's only president, he can't do that." Yes he can. He has a Republican House, Senate, and the eventual Conservative Supreme Court Justice. He has also stated, through his VP choice of Mike Pence, that they will work to take away the Matthew Shepard Act which makes attacking me because I'm gay a federal hate crime. They will also eventually provide a law to the one similar to one Mike Pence put through in Indiana that makes it legal to refuse service to me because I'm gay. Religious Freedom it's called. This is a joke of a name for a law that openly discriminates against a group of people because of the person they love. Mike Pence also took federal funding for HIV Prevention and diverted it to state sanctioned Conversion Therapy. 

The line has been drawn in the sand and for years, you told me you were on my side of that line. With this vote for Trump, you've shown me that that was lip service. I am disgusted with those that voted for this odius man. You have given voice to bigotry and hate. You have said that it's okay to grab a woman by the pussy. You have said that is okay to have a President in the White House that is endorsed and celebrated by the KKK. You have said that it's okay to judge an entire religion based on fear mongering of a few. You have said Racism, Sexism, Molestation, Homophobia, Xenophobia and everything else this vile man has said and done, is okay.

I have sat by with my mouth closed during get togethers for too long. You have known my politics and personal struggles and you've chosen to vote out of fear.

I'm glad you aren't a one issue voter because I am not either, but when will one of those issues you care about be me?

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thesis said...

They showed me to put my training in the first place, to treat individuals compassionate, and to be goal-oriented and buckle down for what I need. I was advised I could grow up to be anything, even President of the United States. But then we got ourselves profoundly partitioned this decision year. There were a considerable measure of muddled, uncomfortable discussions and tense battles—more regrettable even than my angsty adolescent days—that we needed to work through. In any case, we turned out on the opposite agree with a superior comprehension of each other, so I know we'll overcome comparable extreme discussions in the four years ahead without losing the adoration we feel for each other. We as a whole will.